optic toys

It all started with the viewing of a short film more than 15 years ago.


A cartoon which featured a drawing from Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec showing two women stretched out on a bed.

Suddenly they started moving as if by magic, beginning living a moment of their everyday life and finally falling into

their initial position again, that of the original drawing.

This vision of a possible life, this present of a tangible vision thanks to animation is a rare moment. It allows us a

glimpse into another dimension.

A duality between drawing and movement.

Optical toys allow me to include a dynamic to a two dimensional subject. A drawing congealed on the paper the

instant it was drawn coming alive as if it began suddenly to go crazy or tries to get free of its 'static' state.

A revelation, a development.

A first impression is broken.

A brief movement can become a sentence, a story told in a blink of an eye, through an almost clumsy draft.

This attempt of animation takes the image towards an expression coming to light gradually, rhythmically; it splits,

dissects itself to form different structures of representation.


Time – perpetual motion – repetition of a gesture - magic - surprise - immediacy – mobility - reflections.


The objects themselves - their simple and primitive mechanical beauty, their industrial quality, their functionality are

seducing to me.

They are built from recycled elements, done to be turned manually: it causes vibrations, chaotic actions, sounds

heard in fairs or when we place a cardboard piece with a clothes peg on spokes of a bicycle wheel.

///Optic toys / praxinoscopes, zootrope & thaumatrope made of recycled material and drawings / from 2006 to 2016